How to order/Pricing

To order a custom painting or get a quote, please first contact me:

Once you have received a quote, here are your next steps and things to know:
How to Order:

If you have a specific date, such as a birthday or for a holiday gift, please let me know and we can schedule to have your painting ready by that time.  I like to have a few weeks to complete a painting from the time I receive the images.  Again, if you need any sort of rush or completed by date please let me know, as the paintings have to sit for a day or two so that I can treat them when completely dry to insure a long life.

Ready to send your photos?
Please email over in the highest resolution available several good photos of your pet.  I prefer to have a nice photo of his/her face to make sure I get the personality and markings correct.   I like to say a minimum of three photos, but the more the merrier!
I choose the colors based on what I feel best embodies your pet, as you have seen in my work examples, I might not paint a brown dog just brown, but add in some more contemporary colors to make the work truly unique. If there are any colors that you would like me to try to incorporate, let me know when sending over your images, and I will do my best to add them in when creating your painting.
How to pay: 
I can accept payment in person, via mail (check), paypal (I can send a payment request), or credit card in person (square reader).  I can meet in the Des Moines metro, and I am at a centrally located office location during the week in Urbandale near Merle Hay Road. I can either accept payment in full or half down upon order and half upon completion of the painting.
I offer shipping of paintings, though if in the area(Des Moines, Iowa) I prefer pickup to make sure the paintings doesn’t get damaged. An estimated cost of shipping will be added to the final invoice. Contact me for a quote on an original work of art!
Contacting me:
If you have any questions, I prefer to email, this way I can keep everything straight & documented, but if you would like to talk on the phone or text message, my number is listed below.
I look forward to working with you, and thanks again for contacting me!
Thank you!
Kara Berhow, Owner/Artist Midwest Pet Paintings
Des Moines, Iowa Pet Paintings

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